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A Fair Economy

Too many Minnesotans still struggle with the cost of necessities.

While inflation is easing a bit, the high cost of groceries is not easy for policy makers to fix. Labor shortages, supply chain issues, climate change impacts, and the avian flu all impact food prices. When production costs do fall, those savings just add to corporate profits instead of be being passed on to you and me. Some of those excess profits are now higher than before the pandemic.

While lawmakers can't fix the whole problem, our Democratic majority in the legislature, led for the first time by two women, took historic strides to invest in a thriving workforce and economy while providing financial relief to the Minnesotans that need it most.

They made universal meals at school a reality. They passed tax cuts to reduce child poverty by a third. They enacted paid family and medical leave so people don't lose their jobs when they get sick or need to care for a sick loved one. They invested a billion dollars in affordable housing.

Our state is one of the few that does NOT tax lower income households more than high income households, and the legislature built on that foundation to pass a three billion dollar tax cut for families. As a city council member, I work to make sure tax dollars are wisely spent, and if voters send me to St. Paul, I'll do the same for the rest of the state. I believe when we support families, everybody wins.

A Fair Economy
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