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Healthcare you can trust

I believe healthcare is a human right. That means every one of us should be able to get the healthcare we need, when we need it, without sacrificing our financial health. Too many people pay bloated prices for health insurance and prescription drugs, or they simply avoid needed care and medicine. Other countries manage to keep their people healthier than we do, at a fraction of the price we pay. We can and should fix this.

For too long, private insurers have been trusted with publicly funded programs like MinnesotaCare, Medical Assistance and Medicare, while not allowing the public to completely see how they spend our tax dollars used for those programs. If I'm accountable for how tax dollars are spent, then private businesses that rely on public money must be accountable, too. We can and should fix this.

State lawmakers could eliminate corporate insurance and managed care middlemen from publicly-funded health coverage and use those savings to pay for better access to more clinics, dentists, and other health professionals. That would save lives, improve public health, and protect and serve our most vulnerable people. We can and should fix this.

Healthcare you can trust
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