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Safer Water

PFAS has contaminated groundwater throughout much of the southern half of Washington County and it seems to be spreading. While it can affect the health of all of us, it presents the greatest risk to infants, who can face long-lasting effects from even microscopic amounts in our drinking water. It’s the kind of thing that keeps me awake at night.

I applaud state leaders for the 3M settlements that are bringing significant funds to clean up our drinking water. There’s more to be done, though, as PFAS is starting to show up in unexpected places along Highway 36, in Stillwater and in Hastings. PFAS has affected a number of other areas around the state, and much of Minnesota south of Hastings has drinking water impacts from nitrates. These problems go far beyond the area covered by the 3M settlements and will be difficult to fix.

Most Minnesotans drink groundwater pumped from private or municipal wells. It’s our most precious resource and it took thousands of years to get deep beneath our feet. We need to do more to protect it for ourselves, and for future Minnesotans.

Safer Water
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