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Elect Lucia Wroblewski
Minnesota House District 41A

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Meet Lucia

I am a retired St. Paul police officer who worked the streets for almost 29 years. I became a cop to help people in need, to keep people safe from harm, to protect the vulnerable, to help people suffering through tough times, and to right wrongs.  I have always worked for  justice and healing where and when it is needed.  That includes 23 years as a member of the St Paul Police Honor Guard, dedicated to making sure we never forget the sacrifice of officers killed in the line of duty and the loved ones they leave behind.


I worked as a Use of Force & Firearms Instructor for 24 years and a Field Training Officer for 22 years. I was a Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) Coach in the police department, and in retirement I continue to coach cops in those critical skills. I will bring that commitment to good policing to the legislature.


I became a cop out of a deep sense of duty.  That duty extends to our environment. In Minnesota, we live in an extraordinary place in the world where three biomes intersect and a grand ecotone supports an unusual density and biodiversity of plants and animals.  We must protect our groundwater, air quality, parks and open spaces, lakes and streams, and the St Croix River.  For 32 years, I’ve restored 25 acres of Afton farmland into a conservation parcel of woods and prairie.   


With that experience and passion, in 2014 I began serving Afton--the city I love and call home--on the planning commission. In 2018, I was elected to the Afton City Council, and was re-elected in 2020 without opposition.


I am running for the Minnesota House of Representatives for the same reasons I became a cop and a city councilmember. With your help, I will continue to serve and protect the residents of 41A and our quality of life. Thank you!

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Let's Elect Lucia Wroblewski!


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