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I believe in...

A Fair Economy
Too many Minnesotans still struggle with the cost of necessities. Our Democratic majority in the legislature, took historic strides to invest in a thriving workforce and economy.
Comprehensive Public Safety
I will serve and protect our communities with the same dedication to safety and justice I had while serving and protecting communities as an officer.
Safer Water
Water is our most precious resource and it took thousands of years to get deep beneath our feet. We need to do more to protect it for ourselves, and for future Minnesotans.
Healthcare you can trust
Healthcare is a human right. That means every one of us should be able to get the healthcare we need, when we need it, without ruining our financial health.
Your Right To Decide About Your Body, Your Care And Your Future
The Minnesota House and Senate protected our fundamental rights to have decisions about abortion and related health care decided by women, their loved ones and their healthcare professionals.
Our Environment
I will fiercely protect our groundwater, open spaces, the wild and scenic St. Croix River, our streams and lakes, our parks, our extraordinary natural environment, and the rural character of many of our cities and towns
Our Democracy
Our state is a beacon of democracy. We consistently lead the nation in voter turnout. We can be proud of our secure election system. As Minnesotans, we have historically believed in doing our civic duty.
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