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U.S. Congresswoman Betty McCollum

March 8, 2024 SAINT PAUL, MN – Congresswoman Betty McCollum (MN-04) announced her support today for Lucia Wroblewski, DFL candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives in House District 41A. Congresswoman McCollum represents many of the communities within District 41A in the U.S. House of Representatives.
“I’m proud to support Lucia Wroblewski for the Minnesota House in District 41A. Lucia’s decades of experience keeping communities safe as a law enforcement professional is to be commended. Her background in training officers in proper crisis intervention procedures will serve as a valuable asset to lawmakers as they craft public safety legislation. As an Afton City Council member, Lucia’s quality service to her constituents will continue as the next state representative for District 41A,” said Congresswoman McCollum.
Congresswoman McCollum is running a strong, coordinated campaign with candidates throughout the 4th Congressional District to secure DFL victories in November.

Senator Judy Seeberger

Despite all we’ve done for Minnesotans, we have more work to do! I strongly believe we can continue to build on the work we've done together by expanding our narrow majority in the Minnesota House of Representatives. We need a candidate in 41A who is well known for her passionate voice, persistent work and diligent representation of her constituents' values. 
That candidate is Afton City Councilwoman Lucia Wroblewski, and I am thrilled to endorse her for State Representative from 41A!

Lucia is exactly the right person at the right time to counter the facade of Republican public and school safety rhetoric. While their talk is empty and hypocritical, Lucia's experience, expertise, and wisdom will actually lead to improvements not only in our district, but statewide.

We have to get an early start on this race because 41A is a challenging district and there is a lot of work to do and money to raise. The Feb 27 precinct caucuses and March 16 endorsing convention will be here before we know it. Please join me in enthusiastically supporting Lucia Wroblewski for State Representative!

Senator Judy Seeberger, Afton

Deborah Zvosec and Steve Smith

Lucia is warm, generous and kind. She walks the walk of public service - on the beat when she was a cop, on the doors, in the community, and at city hall. Lucia shows up and does the work with integrity and boundless energy.

We need Lucia's smarts, honesty, experience, and dedication at the Capitol, working for all of us.

Deborah Zvosec and Steve Smith - friends and inspired volunteers for Lucia

Sandra Larson

The joy of knowing candidates well comes from seeing the depth of their commitment to values and policies in the face of criticism and debate.

Now knowing Lucia, I see how her values and policies match the people in her district who, also in coming to know her, re-elected her without opposition.

Her future constituents will likewise come to know that she is a strong leader they can trust to translate their own values into good policy for Minnesota – a Minnesota where everyone thrives.

Sandra Larson - Lakeland

Jen Wroblewski

I’ve known Lucia a long time. She was born for this work.

You can count on Lucia to be consistently authentic, hard-working, prepared, responsive and honest. Whether nurturing family, serving our community, or restoring the land we live on, she dedicates herself to care and service. Lucia excels at building relationships with folks from all walks of life.

She emphasizes civility and teamwork, while tirelessly leading, standing up for what's right and speaking truth to power.

Jen Wroblewski - Afton

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